Content: Communicating Your Mission

If you are in the process of setting up a business or organisation, or bringing your current business into the digital age, you will likely be hearing a lot about content. This is especially true if your conversation is about increasing ‘hits’ or traffic on your website.

What is content? At its most basic, it is words. Words directly about your product or service, or words written to generate interest in your product or service. Visual content is becoming increasingly important also – both images and video.

As a concept, content can be understood as a key marketing tool. We are moving from an era of large-scale, one-off ad campaigns focused on broadcast media (TV ads) into one of a continuous conversation with consumers or clients through the generation of content.

Content can be published across a range of platforms: in traditional print media or on traditional broadcast media, on social media, on news sites or on a blog. 

What’s the key to successful content creation? Understanding the purpose. 

It is easy to get sucked into a ‘content at all costs’ style of thinking, whereby more text is better text, or worse – where any old topic will do, as long as it is vaguely relevant to the product or service. But, in a commercial era where marketing is so focused on cutting through the noise and creating a multi-faceted experience for their customers, I believe it is imperative that any content is mission-focused.

This means that everything you write needs to be anchored in a clear concept.

Here at Coronet Copy & Creative, our job is to discover this concept and use it to communicate your mission with originality and clarity.

It doesn’t matter if you are working in construction, social services, or your business is a tech start-up at zero – we have the skills and experience to write for success.




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