Every business has a story to tell.

I have worked across a range of sectors – not-for-profit, film and television, central government, waste management. While I have specific expertise in some of the subject matter (I know a surprising amount about septic tanks, for instance), for the most part I am an amateur.

What is important is that I am expert at drawing out your story. 

Knowing your story – your purpose, your team, your values – is key to differentiating yourself in the marketplace.

But, more than that, it is a really important part of establishing a work culture that will be a part of your organisation in the long-term. When everyone is on the same page, working towards a well-expressed common goal, it can benefit the business by creating cohesion and focus.

What’s more, if you are looking to hire, many employees now rate company culture and values as high as salary.

As for your customers, clearly expressing your story has benefits for them also.

We are wired to love good stories – it is an essential part of human development, as this article by the Harvard Business Review shows. The article points out that when someone listens to a  character-driven story, their brain floods with the love hormone oxytocin. Essentially, a great story is like a drug. What does that tell us? If you can tell your ‘coming up’ story in a way that is compelling and relatable, you’ve already gained the attention of a prospective customer or client.

So, good storytelling is good for business.

Let’s write your story together.


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