Brand Communication – Don’t Leave It Up To Interpretation

This post is inspired by a recent article by SenateSHJ Client Manager and communications expert, Sarah Austen-Smith, in which she talks about the pitfalls of being deliberately vague, à la current US presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, he has used broad-brush statements to generate an untold number of headlines.

In her article, Austen-Smith points out that this tactic may work in politics, but it is rarely a good idea in business – consumers expect expertise, not ambiguity.

In these Trumpian times, transparency and the cardinal rule of telling it first, telling it right and telling it all still stands for business communicators.

There are key lessons for all organisations from this quote:

  1. Make sure to front foot any issues; and
  2. Be clear and consistent in your communications with your audience.

Clarity and consistency is where Coronet Wordsmith can help. We will call them the Two C’s. They are absolutely integral to any brand, particularly in a time during which audiences are becoming increasingly focused on purpose and intent (see Content: Communicating Your Mission).

The Two C’s are not just about making sure your grammar is in order. They are about ensuring that you are credible. Whether in housing development or mechanics, Coronet Wordsmith has worked with clients to ensure that their information is accurate and has substance.

Get In Touch to find out how we can make sure you clearly articulate your vision and send the right message, every time.


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