Reputation – More Than Just A Name

Recent public events involving would-be politicians and the Chiefs rugby team in NZ have got me considering the importance of reputation.

With a background in risk management, reputation management is something that I had to think about – and provide strategies for – on a near daily basis for three years. So much is built on reputation.

The reputation of a person or organisation is probably their most valuable asset.

In commercial settings, this global survey on reputation risk by Deloitte indicates that reputation risk is considered the No.1 strategic business risk.

Risks to reputation are varied and can be notoriously difficult to define and quantify. They can be internal (usually caused by actions of individuals…think insider trading) or external (usually natural disasters or political crises).

No matter the cause, once the damage is done, the news spreads quickly – social media and activist sites make sure of that. It is my personal belief that being able to hold organisations to account is incredibly important. However, an increasingly rapid spread of information means that a rapid – and appropriate – response is essential.

Preparation is key on both counts.

Managing and responding to consumer/audience/citizen expectations and perceptions from the very start is critical to the success of a reputation risk management strategy.  An organisation’s reputation management strategies should be built into the very fabric of their brand and carry from employee behaviour to marketing taglines.

For example, are you a vehicle company that states you are at the forefront of green tech for cars, and charge your consumers for the privilege?  Then you probably shouldn’t fiddle your own testing results so your cars seem greener than they actually are.

That’s where Coronet Wordsmith can come in. Whether you are making proposals and pitches, writing copy, undertaking reporting or reviews, or at the very beginning of an making an idea into reality, we can work with you to make sure that accuracy and consistency are a given.

You can be assured that its at the forefront of everything that we do too – rigorous work, undertaken with integrity.



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