The People Part: The Importance of the ‘Soft Stuff’

In an earlier LinkedIn post, I discussed how collaboration will become increasingly important in the ‘age of automation’.

The recent World Economics Forum ‘Future Of Work’ study has backed me up.

Discussing the study, David Deming, associate professor of education and economics at Harvard University, argues that, in addition to mathematics and computer science, ‘soft skills’ (or human skills) like sharing and negotiating will be crucial for future employees.

This really underlines that when you are trying to coordinate outreach for your organisation or marketing for your enterprise, presenting the people part is really important. As I touched on in an earlier post, customers and users want to identify with who you are, as much as what you do.

Building the ‘soft stuff’ into your branding and communications can assist with making your enterprise more sustainable in the long-term.

My recent work with taxi start-up Takeme has been all about how we communicate ‘innovation with integrity’. The ethics of the company and their shared profit model is just as important to the founder as the efficiency of the app and their ride sharing innovations. Plus, their customers appreciate knowing that drivers are getting a fair deal.

Get in touch to discuss how you can show you’ve got the ‘soft stuff’ sorted.


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