Collaboration Part 2: The Importance of a Fresh Set of Eyes

My previous post talked about the value of ‘the soft stuff’ in branding, as well as the increasing importance of collaboration skills more generally.

The thing is, I understand just how hard it can be to collaborate, especially if you are a New Zealander.

In another article, I explored how our No.8 wire/ Do-It-Yourself mentality can lead to ‘ideas protectionism’ and a wariness of collaboration, meaning that we miss out on the commercial and social opportunities that come about when good ideas meet and – more importantly – are tested out in practice.

It can also lead to a skepticism of experts and consultants and other set up to provide a skill set that we perceive we should ‘just be able to do ourselves’.

This is particularly understandable in the small business and not-for-profit space, where budgets are tight and being multi-skilled is just part of the job. I know this from firsthand experience – working across analysis, copywriting, personnel and project management and content management were all aspects of my role in an SME.

The thing is, sometimes a fresh pair of expert eyes on a problem is just what is needed to reach a solution. This is especially true at the ‘strategic planning’ phase of an organisation or project.

For example, from my experience as a risk management professional, I know that building in resilience to any framework requires a team approach. No one person can be expected to think of everything when it comes to enterprise risks and their potential outcomes.

The same thing can be said of creative problem-solving – it can be difficult to source every required skill or mind set from your existing team when launching a new idea or product.

Introducing independent professionals with specific expertise, such as Coronet Wordsmith, into teams for a period of time – even for a single workshop or piece of content – can assist with breaking down the barriers between the idea phase and the implementation phase by casting a new light on the issue at hand and injecting new energy into a process.

Get in touch to discuss how I can help with your next ‘wicked problem’ or strategy session, and also learn about how I can help facilitate pop-up teams of other independent professionals and creatives to make sure all your bases are covered.




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