Who I Am

  1. a skilled user of words.

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Coronet Wordsmith is me, Victoria Crockford.

I’m a long-time wrangler of words in all forms – the family story goes that I was happily making up stories to go with the pictures in my books from the age of three. With an academic and professional background in the television industry and politics, I know what it takes to spin words into gold.

Most recently, I worked in as a Senior Risk Analyst for an SME punching above its weight in the US marketplace, while based in Queenstown, NZ. This experience has taught me the power of a strong purpose to help small companies get ahead, as well as the importance of risk mapping and stakeholder analysis for every organisation.

Outside of creative strategising and forging fiery copy, I am a Mum and a keen explorer of Queenstown’s outdoors on two feet and two wheels (pedal powered ones).

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